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Although greenhouse air conditioning systems are critical to ensure that plants grow in ideal growing conditions, they can face a variety of technical and operational challenges. These problems can affect the productivity of greenhouse enterprises and product quality. This paper discusses the problems encountered in greenhouse air conditioning systems and how these problems can be solved.

Section 1: Challenges and Solutions

  1. Heating and Cooling Problems: overheating or cooling of greenhouse air conditioning can cause stress to plants and growth problems. The solution to these problems is the correct setting of thermostats and the use of energy efficient heating and cooling systems.
  2. Ventilation Problems: Inadequate air circulation can result in plants’ oxygen and carbon dioxide needs not being met and the spread of disease. The solution to this problem is regular maintenance and correct adjustment of ventilation systems.
  3. Humidity Control Issues: High humidity levels can lead to the spread of plant diseases and pests. The solution to this problem is regular inspection and correct adjustment of humidity control systems.
  4. Energy Efficiency Issues: High energy consumption can increase the costs of greenhouse operations and have environmental impacts. The solution to this problem is the use of energy efficient air conditioning systems and regular monitoring of energy consumption.

Section 2: Proactive Maintenance and Improvement

  1. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of air conditioning systems ensures early detection and prevention of potential problems.
  2. Technological Innovations: The use of new technologies can improve the efficiency and reliability of air conditioning systems. For example, automation systems and sensors optimize air conditioning processes and save energy.
  3. Training: Greenhouse staff should be regularly trained in the proper use and maintenance of air conditioning systems. This improves the overall efficiency of the business and helps to avoid potential problems.


Problems encountered in greenhouse air conditioning systems can have significant impacts on the health and growth of plants, the efficiency of the operation and energy consumption. Therefore, early detection and resolution of these problems is critical for greenhouse businesses. Regular maintenance, the use of technological innovations and staff training are effective methods to solve these problems.


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