Greenhouse Air Conditioning Solutions with High Pressure Humidification

Greenhouses require special conditions for growing particularly sensitive plants. In order to provide these conditions, high-pressure humidification systems play an important role in the greenhouse sector. By creating “fog” and “mist”, these systems bring the indoor environment of greenhouses to ideal humidity and temperature levels.

Advantages of High Pressure Fogging Systems

  1. Energy Efficiency: High-pressure humidification sprays micron-sized water droplets, allowing water to evaporate and cool the greenhouse. This process allows the greenhouse to operate more efficiently by reducing energy use.
  2. Disease Control: The system creates a homogeneous layer of moisture on the plants, providing natural protection against diseases.
  3. Water Saving: This technology uses water very efficiently, avoiding unnecessary water waste and conserving water resources.

Innovative Greenhouse Solutions

The “fogsis” and “high-pressure humidification” technologies play a major role in precisely adjusting the conditions necessary for plants to thrive. These systems make greenhouses smarter and greener, while at the same time making the work of greenhouse keepers easier and more sustainable.

High-pressure humidification is considered a revolutionary technology in the greenhouse sector. Using this technology, greenhouse growers can improve plant health, maximize productivity and reduce their impact on the environment. By using this technology in your greenhouses, you can step into a greener and more sustainable agricultural structure.


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