“Another Innovative Step in Air Conditioning Solutions”

Green Climate takes its expertise in the sector one step further! In addition to our air conditioning solutions that you have trusted for years, we now offer our valued customers high quality boilers of our own production. Offering a combination of energy efficiency, durability and performance, our boilers are designed to offer solutions for every need.

Why Should You Choose Our Boilers?

Customized Solutions: Our boilers, designed specifically for each customer’s needs, are shaped according to your energy needs.
Energy Efficiency: Our environmentally friendly and energy efficient boilers help you reduce costs in the long run.
High Quality Standards: The high quality materials and advanced technology we use in production ensure that our boilers are long-lasting and reliable.
– Full Support and Service: We are always at your side with our full support and fast service after sales.

Our own boilers offer ideal solutions for air conditioning needs under the quality and assurance of Green Climate. With our innovative and customized solutions, temperature control is now much easier and more efficient.

Contact us to experience the Green Climate difference and turn a new page in energy efficiency. Your professional solution partner for your boiler needs is here!

Greenhouse Heating Boilers are high capacity heating solutions designed especially for greenhouse vegetable and fruit farms. Although these boilers are generally included in the hot water boiler group, they have more powerful and larger features than a normal hot water boiler. Greenhouse heating boilers are manufactured with a strong construction and efficient heat transfer to meet sudden heat draws.

These boilers, which are designed to heat the greenhouse interior up to 20 °C even on cold winter days at temperatures as low as -55 °C, have the capacity to burn various solid, liquid and gaseous fuels such as coal, biomass, pellets, natural gas, diesel, pomace. While the boiler provides the desired temperature in the greenhouse, it does not consume oxygen in the environment. This minimizes the risk of plants contracting diseases and ensures a uniform temperature in every square meter of the greenhouse, while removing high humidity inside.

Air conditioning is the most important part of greenhouse cultivation in order to grow the desired product on time at European standards for export and to offer it for sale at high prices. Green Climate greenhouse boilers are designed to meet this need. As a result of the exploration work carried out in the area to be heated, the necessary calorie, fan and motor selection is made by us. Green Climate designs the air conditioning process in greenhouses in accordance with the demand power of the greenhouse and creates an automated heating system that can provide uninterrupted energy to meet this demand.

Boilers of our own production offer an efficient and effective heating solution in greenhouses. These boilers provide ideal temperature conditions in greenhouses, contributing to the healthy growth of plants and ensuring high productivity. You can contact us for more information about greenhouse heating boilers and for a solution that suits your needs. We are here to increase the productivity of your greenhouses and support the healthy growth of your plants.

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