The Buffer Tank stands out as a vital part of the CO2 system. Especially during seasonal transitions such as spring and fall, when greenhouses need carbon dioxide during the day but do not need heating, cooled return water is needed for the boiler to operate effectively. The Buffer Tank is selected with the capacity to meet this need, ensuring that the boiler can maintain CO2 production.

The main function of the Buffer Tank is to store the heat energy from the boilers while supplying CO2 to the greenhouses during daytime hours. This reduces the temperature of the boiler water and this lower temperature water is initially passed through the condenser coils and used to reduce the temperature of the flue gas. The cooled flue gas and its CO2 are prepared for use in the greenhouse.

The temperature of the flue gas and CO2 is brought to the optimal temperature for use in greenhouses by mixing with the boiler room air in the 3-way mixing damper. Buffer Tank manufacturing is realized with detailed sheet metal and construction designs made by our project engineers. Our steel manufacturing buffer tanks, which have R&D studies and special design, are manufactured using high quality hardware parts.

These carefully designed buffer tanks are designed to efficiently meet the CO2 and heat needs of greenhouses, improving CO2 distribution as well as energy efficiency in greenhouses. You can contact us for more information about buffer tank solutions for your greenhouses and to set up a system that suits your needs. We are here to increase the productivity of your greenhouses and support the healthy growth of your plants.

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