The CO2 detector is integrated into the burner management system and plays an active role in measuring the value of the flue gas burned in the boilers before the CO2 fertilization system. This detector continuously monitors the carbon monoxide (CO) levels in the flue gas. If the CO value in the flue gas exceeds the set safety limit, this will cause the CO2 fertilization system to be deactivated to protect the crops inside the greenhouse, so that no CO2 is delivered to the crops.

Carbon monoxide is a gas with a high affinity for oxygen and can quickly consume oxygen in the environment due to this feature. This severely reduces the air quality needed for photosynthesis. This important task of the CO2 detector is critical to ensure that the plants in the greenhouse grow and thrive in a healthy environment.

Therefore, CO2 detectors play a vital role in maintaining the safety of the greenhouse environment and healthy growth conditions for plants. These detectors continuously monitor the air quality inside the greenhouse and automatically stop the CO2 fertilization system in case of any danger. This protects the plants and crops inside the greenhouse from the effects of potentially harmful gases. The use of CO2 detectors is of great importance for plant health and productivity in modern greenhouse applications. As an integral part of greenhouse management systems, these detectors contribute to growing plants in optimal conditions.

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