The CO2 gas, which is brought to a certain temperature level with the help of an economizer, is pumped into the greenhouse through axial fans. Correctly determining the fan capacity according to the size of the greenhouse area is very important for the efficiency of this process. The fans we use are of Dutch origin and are high quality CO2 fans. The impellers of these fans are made of stainless steel, making them long-lasting and corrosion-resistant.

This system is designed to optimize CO2 distribution in greenhouses. The economizer brings the CO2 gas to the ideal temperature level, providing an optimal environment for the photosynthesis process of plants. Axial fans distribute this gas evenly and efficiently to every corner of the greenhouse. The capacity of the fans is carefully selected according to the size and needs of the greenhouse, so that the CO2 gas is homogeneously distributed throughout the greenhouse and the plants receive the CO2 they need.

Our Dutch CO2 fans with stainless steel impellers are manufactured to high standards in terms of both durability and performance. These fans are ideal for efficient and effective CO2 distribution in greenhouses. You can contact us for more information about the most suitable fan and economizer solutions for CO2 distribution in your greenhouses and for the installation of a system that suits your needs. We are here to increase the productivity of your greenhouses and support the healthy growth of your plants.

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