Condenser (Economizer)

Condensers are an important product located in the greenhouse flue gas outlet zone and transfer the heat of the flue gas to the greenhouse return water. The return water of the greenhouse heating system saves energy by obtaining heat from the flue gas with the help of the coils and pump in the economizer. This process both reduces heating costs and increases energy efficiency in the greenhouse.

In addition, the CO2 gas in the flue gas, which is necessary for plants to photosynthesize under light, is sufficiently cooled in this process. Thanks to condensers, the heat and CO2 from the flue gas is efficiently and economically utilized for greenhouses. This system helps to create ideal conditions for the healthy growth of plants in the greenhouse.

The design and layout of condensers is critical to the efficiency of greenhouse operations. These devices optimize the air quality and temperature balance in the greenhouse, providing an optimal environment for plant growth. The use of condensers is of great importance in modern greenhouse applications, both in terms of energy saving and environmental sustainability.

You can contact us for more information about condenser solutions for your greenhouses and for the installation of a system that suits your needs. We are here to improve the energy efficiency of your greenhouses and support the healthy growth of your plants.

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