Greenhouse cooling systems are vital for greenhouses, especially in hot climates. These systems are based on the principle of humidifying and cooling dry air. Just as it is essential to heat greenhouses in cold weather conditions, cooling greenhouses in hot climates is also of great importance. High temperatures can negatively affect the development of plants and even cause their ability to photosynthesize to decrease or stop. In summer, the internal temperature of greenhouses can be 5-10 degrees higher than outside due to the influence of the sun. This poses a serious problem for greenhouses.

The installation of greenhouse cooling systems requires as much care and professionalism as heating systems. We design the greenhouse cooling systems offered to you to be long lasting, durable, low operating cost and energy efficient. These systems ensure that greenhouses are kept at ideal temperature conditions, contributing to healthy plant growth.

Our greenhouse cooling systems can be customized according to the size and location of the greenhouse and the types of plants grown in it. The system takes the hot air inside the greenhouse, humidifies and cools it. This helps to lower the temperature inside the greenhouse and keep the humidity under control. This ensures ideal growth conditions for the plants.

In order for greenhouse cooling systems to work effectively, it is important to carry out regular maintenance and controls. This maintenance is critical to keep systems running efficiently and prevent potential failures. In addition, the use of energy-efficient components contributes to lower operating costs.

Industrial refrigeration is a cooling method often used in places such as large-scale production facilities, storage areas and processing centers. These systems are critical in food production, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, metal processing and many other industrial processes. Industrial cooling systems ensure that products are stored without spoilage, production processes are carried out at the desired temperature conditions and machine equipment is protected from overheating.

These systems usually have large cooling capacities and complex control mechanisms. The design of industrial cooling systems varies according to the industry and specific needs. For example, refrigeration systems used for food storage precisely control humidity and temperature levels to maintain the freshness of products, while systems used in the chemical industry must maintain specific temperature ranges for chemical reactions to take place safely.

Efficient operation of industrial cooling systems is important for optimizing energy consumption and reducing operating costs. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to use components with high energy efficiency, to perform regular maintenance and inspections, to size the systems correctly and to prefer modern cooling technologies.

Industrial refrigeration systems have an important role in improving the production quality and efficiency of businesses, and the proper design and management of these systems is critical to the success of industrial operations.

For more information about our greenhouse cooling systems or industrial cooling solutions, to find a cooling solution suitable for the needs of your greenhouse or business and to benefit from our professional consultancy services, please contact us via our contact information. We are here to keep your greenhouses and businesses at the ideal temperature and support the healthy growth of your plants.

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