Our chiller cooling systems offer an ideal solution, especially for applications with high temperature sensitivity. These systems are based on the principle that water cooled in accordance with the determined heat load capacity is blown into the greenhouse through PE ducts by means of coils and fans. The cooling process provides even and balanced cooling to every corner of the greenhouse, allowing your crops to grow in optimal conditions. Chiller cooling systems provide extremely precise climate control and, thanks to their high capacity and controllability, have become the preferred method for growing particularly sensitive crops.

These systems can reach the target temperature quickly and maintain the desired temperature level consistently and continuously. Our chiller systems, which have both outdoor and indoor unit systems, are designed taking into account the heat loss of the cooling area, the characteristics of the area where the installation will be made, the type of capacity required and the type of energy to be used. Our professional team analyzes these factors in detail and determines the most suitable device type for the specific needs of your greenhouse.

By choosing our chiller systems for your greenhouse cooling needs, you can benefit from the advantages of precise temperature control. To ensure ideal growth conditions for your products and to learn more about our chiller cooling systems, please contact us. We are here to offer you efficient and effective cooling solutions tailored to the needs of your greenhouse. Our chiller cooling systems will help you perfectly manage the temperature control of your greenhouse and contribute to the healthy growth of your crops.

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