The Fan-Ped system offers a highly effective cooling solution, especially in dry and low humidity areas. This system performs adiabatic cooling with 100% fresh air, providing sufficient humidity level to the environment where the plants are grown. If you are looking for an effective cooling system for your area, the Fan-Ped system may be a suitable alternative for your needs.

This system has the capacity to increase the temperature difference between the outdoor environment and the greenhouse by up to 15ºC, depending on the humidity and temperature of the air. This all-water system may require the use of softening and filtration systems in areas with hard and calcareous water. In addition, the Fan-Ped system can be used as a highly effective method for fresh air, humidity and temperature regulation in areas such as under-roof animal husbandry.

The working principle of the Fan-Pad system is based on the fact that the air temperature increases towards the inside of the greenhouse after passing over the wet honeycomb and creates a temperature difference of 7-8 degrees between the first inlet side of the air and the honeycomb through the exhaust fans. As a result of the contact between air and water, the heat transfer between air and water molecules allows the water to evaporate and take heat from the air. This system consists of components such as evaporative honeycomb, water distribution system, custom-made exhaust fan and control panel. All pads used are custom-made and have a special frame system for homogeneous distribution.

The Fan-Ped system is an ideal option if you are looking for an effective and efficient cooling solution in your greenhouses or animal breeding areas. This system provides precise temperature and humidity control, contributing to the healthy growth of your plants and animals. You can contact us for more information about the Fan-Ped system, installation and costing details. We are here to provide effective and efficient cooling solutions to suit you and your greenhouse needs.

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