Geothermal energy is an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source where hot water from underground is used to heat greenhouses. In this system, geothermal water extracted from underground is heated through a heat exchanger to reach the desired temperature level. The use of geothermal energy provides significant cost advantages in heating applications. The geothermal water used in heating systems is re-injected into the underground to recycle the water. In this process, the temperature and flow rate of the geothermal water are of vital importance for the design of the system.

For the heat exchangers to work efficiently, the water must be at the appropriate temperature. The ideal water temperature for thermal energy applications is usually above 70°C. Lower water temperature requires a larger heat exchanger surface area. Today, the need for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources is increasing. In this context, geothermal energy is an important energy source that offers both economically and ecologically advantageous solutions.

The geothermal heating systems we offer for greenhouses deliver this unique power of nature directly to you. Some people may think that geothermal heating systems are complicated and costly; however, this is not the case in reality. Thanks to their high efficiency and low energy consumption, the systems offered by us offer both an economical and environmentally friendly alternative. By choosing geothermal energy, you can bring the warmth and energy of nature directly into your greenhouse.

Geothermal heating systems use continuously renewable hot water or steam from deep underground. However, the use of this water can bring some challenges. Groundwater is generally not suitable for direct use because it may contain elements and compounds such as carbonates, boron, sodium, sulfur, etc., which can have negative impacts on vegetation and the environment. The geothermal heating systems offered by us overcome such challenges and offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. These systems allow you to benefit from all the advantages of geothermal energy by heating your greenhouses effectively and efficiently.

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