Optimal living conditions for living things can be adversely affected by extreme levels of heat, cold or humidity. This is a particular consideration in greenhouses. Controlling this in greenhouses can create an ideal living environment by supporting the basic processes of plants such as evaporation, transpiration and photosynthesis. With the right humidification systems, greenhouses can grow higher quality plants, shorten harvest time and reduce insect and disease problems.

Humidity control can be achieved with the help of nozzles that disperse billions of water droplets as mist. These droplets absorb the heat from the air and evaporate, both reducing the heat in the greenhouse and increasing the relative humidity level. The resulting cool and humid air is used to create ideal climatic conditions in the greenhouse with the help of circulation fans and control systems. With this method, it is possible to minimize adverse weather conditions for plants that can be grown in the greenhouse. As a result, a more comfortable working environment is created, plant growth increases, losses are reduced and overall productivity increases.

The water pressure used in the system is generally between 70-100 bar, and stainless steel pipes, fittings and nozzle tips are used in accordance with this pressure. The main pipeline and all fittings, nozzle bodies and nozzle tips are made of stainless steel. High-pressure nozzles with anti-drip feature ensure that the water is distributed inside the greenhouse. During the transition of water from high to low pressure, a sudden expansion occurs. This creates a rapid separation between the water molecules. With this method, droplets do not form on the plant leaves, which indirectly prevents sunburn and diseases.

This system provides the perfect solution to meet your cooling and humidification needs during seasonal transitions. Our engineering and project solutions minimize the use of special vehicles during installation. System life is maximized with products that do not rust, wear and oxidize.

This system offers a precise and effective solution for areas in need of moisture. It has its own automation system or can be connected to a central automation system. With this feature, operating settings can be customized according to operating time and humidity level. This ensures that ideal conditions are constantly maintained in the greenhouse, thus having a positive impact on plant productivity and quality.

In summary, the right humidity control system supports the development of plants, resulting in better quality crops. It also supports plants to stay healthy and strong, while reducing the risk of insects and diseases. This means greater efficiency and profitability in the long run. This technology meets your needs for optimal cooling and humidification both during seasonal transitions and throughout the year, thus ensuring that optimal conditions are constantly maintained inside the greenhouse.

Made of stainless steel and efficiently distributing water at high pressure, this humidification system is long-lasting and durable. This feature helps the system to maintain its high performance in the long term, thus increasing the value of your investment.

As a result, this advanced humidity control system provides an ideal solution for greenhouses. Thanks to this system, plant cultivation becomes more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

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