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2-Way Motorized Valve GC-153-19-2YMV-001

Our Motorized Butterfly Valves are available in a wide range of diameters from DN40 to DN600 and are suitable for use with both Wafer and Lug types. The flanged connection feature, the possibility of use in pressure classes from PN 6 to PN 16 and the wide temperature range from -20°C to 120°C make these valves ideal for various industrial applications.

3-Way Valve Body GC-153-19-V3Y001

Our three-way cast valve is designed for use in outdoor air compensated heating systems. Cast iron body and chrome-plated internal parts withstand fluid temperatures between 2°C and 130°C. With 90 degree rotation angle, double O-ring gasket, flanged and threaded connection features, it has a maximum delta P value of 100kPa in DN 100mm diameter. Ideal for water supply, heating and air conditioning systems.

3-Way Valve Motor GC-153-19-V3M001

Our 3-Way Valve Motors are designed with torque options from 10NM to 40NM and suitable for both 24V and 220V electrical voltages. High performance and reliability in your heating and cooling systems.

Air Tube GC-153-19-PUR002

Our air cylinder equipment allows the air generated in your heating installations to be easily collected and discharged from the top branch. With this equipment, air is evacuated from the system, increasing the efficiency of your heating system and preventing potential problems. Designed for air evacuation, these tubes support more efficient operation of your installation.

Aluminum Sheet Cladding

Our aluminum sheet cladding method uses insulation materials such as rock wool, glass wool and rubber to prevent heat loss in heating and cooling systems. By covering this insulation with aluminum sheet, we increase energy efficiency and durability of the materials. This solution offers energy savings and environmentally friendly performance while ensuring longer system life. Visit our corporate website for more information and technical details.

Automatic Filling Valve GC-153-19- VOD001

The Automatic Fill Valve is designed to prevent water shortage in heating systems. These valves automatically adjust the amount of water to be added to the system and add water until the predetermined pressure level is reached. By balancing the water level in storage heating systems, it ensures efficient and uninterrupted operation of the systems. Made of high quality materials, the Automatic Filling Valve offers long-lasting use and durability.