Increasing Efficiency with CO2 Dosing: Exhaust Gas Conditioning

In modern agricultural techniques, the role of carbon dioxide (CO2) dosing is vital for healthy plant growth and optimization of photosynthetic processes. In particular, the effective management of CO2 levels in greenhouses is an important factor that directly affects plant growth. This paper focuses on methods of extracting CO2 from exhaust gas and dosing it into greenhouses, in particular exhaust gas treatment processes.

Exhaust Gas Conditioning

In this context, exhaust gas treatment is an innovative approach for CO2 dosing to greenhouses. This process allows exhaust gases from industrial and agricultural activities to be reintroduced into plant growth environments. Furthermore, harmful components are decomposed through special catalytic converters, so that CO2 becomes beneficial for plants. This contributes to sustainable agricultural practices.

Cooling with Heat Exchanger

Furthermore, following the separation of the exhaust gas, the gas is cooled to about 55°C by means of a heat exchanger. This process ensures that the gas reaches ideal temperature levels before it is routed to greenhouses. Therefore, the distribution of chilled, CO2-rich gas to greenhouses allows the enrichment of plant growth environments.

Exhaust Gas Composition Monitoring

The composition of the exhaust gas is continuously monitored with special measuring devices to ensure the optimal CO2 dosage for the plants. This system prevents harmful components from reaching the greenhouses, while guaranteeing the maintenance of favorable conditions for plant growth.


In conclusion, CO2 dosing and exhaust gas conditioning are crucial for optimizing plant growth in greenhouses. These methods offer significant benefits in utilizing waste gases and promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Exhaust gas treatment is a solution that increases efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural sector.


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