The use of cogeneration systems in greenhouses is a revolution for sustainability and efficiency in the agricultural sector. Cogeneration is a method of energy production that involves both electricity generation and the reuse of waste heat and CO2 generated in the process. In this article, we will look at the benefits of cogeneration in greenhouses. It will be revealed what level of efficiency these systems can achieve.

Efficiency of Cogeneration: Cogeneration in greenhouses increases energy efficiency to an extraordinary level of 95%. This ensures maximum conservation of the resources used and maximization of the profits of the enterprises. It also reduces the load on the national grid. It offers economic advantages such as the sale of electricity generated during peak demand times to the grid.

CO2 and Waste Heat Management: Cogeneration ensures high quality CO2 production. This CO2 is directed to greenhouses so that plants can photosynthesize. At the same time, waste heat is also stored in a time-independent manner and used when needed. With this method, plants absorb more CO2 through the artificial lighting used in greenhouses. This leads to an increase in their growth rate and therefore in the amount and yield of the harvest.

Natural Gas Combustion and CO2 Production: When natural gas is burned in cogeneration systems, approximately 0.2kg of CO2 is produced for every kilowatt of electricity generated. This corresponds to 5-6% of the exhaust gas by volume. Provides an ideal CO2 source to support plant growth in greenhouses.

Conclusion: The use of cogeneration in greenhouses offers significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency, resource conservation, economic benefits and environmental sustainability. These systems make plants grow faster. It increases the productivity of agricultural enterprises and also draws attention with its positive impact on the environment. Cogeneration is an indispensable technology for the future of modern agriculture.


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