Today, greenhouses are equipped with technological solutions that increase efficiency and sustainability in agricultural production. Energy utilization in greenhouses and energy generation through gas engine cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) generation systems are among these solutions. These systems not only meet the energy needs of greenhouses, but also provide economic and environmental benefits.

Diversity of Energy Use: Gas engine cogeneration systems used in greenhouses provide energy in a variety of ways. The system generates the electrical power required for artificial lighting. In addition, surplus electricity can be sold to the national electricity grid. This allows greenhouses to reduce energy costs as well as generate additional income. In addition, the heat from these systems can be effectively used to meet heating needs in greenhouses.

CO2 Fertilization and Plant Growth: Another important advantage of gas engine cogeneration systems is that the CO2 contained in the engine exhaust acts as a natural fertilizer for plants. This CO2 is a factor that stimulates plant growth in greenhouses and accelerates the photosynthesis process. Therefore, these systems only meet their energy needs. It also helps plants grow healthier and faster.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits: The use of gas engine cogeneration systems reduces dependence on fossil fuels. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This integrated approach to energy production and use plays a critical role in achieving sustainability goals in agricultural production.

Conclusion: The use of gas engine cogeneration systems in greenhouses increases energy efficiency. It is also an effective way to generate additional income and stimulate plant growth. However, these systems help to reduce the environmental footprint of agricultural production and support sustainable agricultural practices. Optimizing the energy use of greenhouses is a strategy that pays off both economically and environmentally.


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