Effective considerations for efficiency in greenhouses

Efficiency in greenhouses is not only related to the health of the plants, but also to economic and energy efficiency. Modern agricultural techniques and technologies offer various methods to maximize productivity in greenhouses. In this article, we will focus on the main aspects that affect yield in greenhouses. These include large areas, CO2 fertilization, energy efficiency and climate control systems.

The Importance of Large Greenhouse Areas

For productive greenhouses, greenhouse areas of about 1 hectare or more are required. These large areas provide enough space for the plants. It also offers the opportunity to optimize CO2 fertilization and heat dissipation.

CO2 Fertilization

CO2 fertilization is suitable for almost all plant species. However, it significantly improves productivity by increasing the photosynthetic capacity of plants. With a simultaneous heat source, the amount of electrical power required is 0.5 MWel per hectare, while with lighting it drops to 0.35 MWel. This is especially ideal for plants such as tomatoes, peppers and flowers such as chrysanthemums and roses.

Energy Efficiency and Heat Utilization

The most important factors for an economical greenhouse operation are high electrical efficiency and heat utilization. Effective management of heat and CO2 fertilization are critical elements that increase productivity in Greenhouses.

Safe Use of CO2

The use of CO2 from fuel boilers or liquefied tanks must be accompanied by specific controls. Data from climate control units and in-greenhouse CO2 sensors enable CO2 fertilization at the desired values.


Important factors that increase productivity in greenhouses are large areas, efficient energy use and CO2 management. These factors support the healthy growth of plants, while also providing economic benefits. Today’s technology allows these factors to be managed optimally, providing the opportunity to maximize productivity in greenhouses.


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