CO2 dosing systems play a critical role in greenhouses to accelerate plant growth and increase productivity. These systems transport CO2 from sources such as natural gas-fired boilers and cogeneration systems to greenhouses. Thus, it enables plants to grow healthier and more efficiently. This article will cover the steps on how to design an effective CO2 dosing system in greenhouses.

Design of CO2 Dosing Systems: CO2 dosing systems provide a centralized CO2 distribution in greenhouses. This system involves transporting the flue gas from natural gas-fired boilers and cogeneration systems to the greenhouse by lowering its temperature and using an exhaust fan. It is distributed into the greenhouse with specially calculated pipelines.

System Components:

  1. Fan Unit: The system consists of a direct-coupled stainless fan, a three-phase motor and a non-corrosive steel air damper. This structure thus ensures effective management of flue gas and outside air.
  2. Air Damper: The air damper installed at the fan outlet works together with the economizer (flue gas condenser). This condenser reduces the temperature of the flue gas and increases the efficiency of the system.
  3. Co2 Control Panel: Control of the system is provided through the CO2 control board. This panel centrally controls multiple fans. However, it integrates additional control components such as a CO2 detector, CO2 sensor or air damper.
  4. Safety Equipment: The switch cabinet contains all control and safety equipment. However, it is supplied in accordance with local safety standards.

System Features: CO2 dosing systems are suitable for flue gas transportation at a maximum temperature of 60°C. This increases the efficiency and safety of CO2 use in greenhouses, while at the same time maximizing energy efficiency.

Conclusion: Installing a CO2 dosing system in greenhouses is an important investment in increasing yields by supporting healthy plant growth. The correct selection and design of system components ensures the efficiency and safety of CO2 delivery in greenhouses. This project design guide provides a basic roadmap for those planning to install a CO2 dosing system in greenhouses.


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