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The process of photosynthesis is vital for the healthy growth and development of plants. In this process, plants combine light energy with water and carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce food. Low CO2 levels can negatively affect plant growth and productivity. In this article, we will focus on the importance, application and benefits of CO2 fertilization in greenhouses.

The Importance of CO2 Fertilization:

Carbon dioxide, essential for photosynthesis, plays a critical role in plant growth. The amount of CO2 in the environment directly affects the rate of photosynthesis and thus plant growth. While the ideal photosynthesis process requires more than 150 ppm of CO2 in the environment, when this amount is around 1200 ppm, plant yields can increase by up to 40%.

Optimizing CO2 Levels in Greenhouses:

In greenhouses, CO2 levels are generally lower compared to outdoor environments. This leads to slower plant growth and reduced crop yields. It is therefore important to ensure an ideal growth environment for plants by monitoring the amount of CO2 present in greenhouses and keeping it at the required levels.

Application and Benefits:

  1. High Productivity: CO2 fertilization increases productivity in different plant species such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and flowers. It is important to keep the carbon dioxide content high, especially on sunny days, as photosynthesis is at its highest.
  2. Quality Increase: Increases product quality and yield in CO2 fertilized plants.
  3. Disease Resistance: The high carbon dioxide content in greenhouses increases the plant’s resistance to diseases.
  4. Fast Growth and Early Harvest: Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere gives plants a fast start in their life cycle and allows for early harvesting.

Conclusion: CO2 fertilization in greenhouses is a critical method for plant growth and productivity. With the right project design and the use of modern technologies, significant increases in plant growth rate and product quality can be achieved. CO2 fertilization is gaining more and more importance among sustainable agricultural practices and opens the doors to a new era in agricultural production.
Insufficient CO2 limits plant growth and too much can lead to wasted energy and costs. Measuring carbon dioxide in greenhouses is therefore key to increasing product quality and quantity while reducing costs. Measurement enables the right decisions at the right time, optimizes energy consumption and reduces environmental impact. In short, measuring carbon dioxide in greenhouses is an essential part of sustainable agricultural practices and high productivity.


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