Green Climate offers steam turbine solutions that revolutionize the energy sector. With an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability, we develop innovative steam turbine technologies tailored to your commercial and industrial needs. Our high-performance steam turbines ensure maximum efficiency in power generation. Increase the energy efficiency of your business and reduce operational costs with our reliable and economical steam turbine solutions. As Green Climate, we are at your side with powerful and innovative steam turbine solutions for a sustainable future.

A steam turbine is a machine that converts the thermal energy of steam under high pressure into mechanical energy. This method ensures reliable, economical and efficient energy production. The steam turbine can be used by converting it into electrical energy through a generator, but it can also be used to drive pumps, fans and other equipment.

Steam turbines provide solutions for steam and electricity needs in many different industries. In this way, cogeneration or trigeneration applications can be realized in sectors.

Tailor-made for every industry and application, our steam turbines offer a wide range of applications. Whether you are generating electricity to meet your energy needs or need mechanical energy to run specific process equipment, our company can offer a steam turbine solution designed and built to meet these needs.

Our company provides electromechanical assembly of steam turbines and auxiliary equipment. The services we offer are: Installation of high pressure (HP) and medium pressure (IP) turbines, installation of low pressure (LP) turbines, turbine piping, main stop and control valves, reheat stop and control valves, by-pass valves, steam supply valves, valve assemblies such as valve actuators and thermocouple assembly, final alignment operations, assembly of auxiliary systems (lubricating oil and lifting oil modules, packing vapor condenser module, hydraulic supply units), hotbox assembly in air-cooled systems, condenser assembly.

Our company specializes in the assembly of steam turbines and auxiliary equipment and provides reliable and quality service to our customers.

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