Greenhouse production areas are equipped with a specially designed distribution system and main lines for CO2 dosing. The CO2 gas obtained from the flue gas is transmitted to the greenhouse with the help of specially manufactured pipes. Depending on the dimensions of the greenhouse area, this system is designed in a special way and the most suitable pipeline is selected. The pressure distribution, calculated based on the total surface area, is optimized by distributing it through a CO2 fan, usually installed in the boiler room. Therefore, the length and diameter of the pipes required by the system may vary.

The calculation program used in the CO2 distribution system differs for the main distribution pipeline and the CO2 pipes located between the plants. The diameters of the holes on the plastic-nylon gas air ducts used for CO2 distribution also vary. In order to make these calculations correctly, it is essential to know both the type of plant and the required CO2 dosage standards.

CO2 distribution in the greenhouse is vital for the photosynthesis process of plants. Therefore, the efficient distribution and dosing of CO2 gas into the greenhouse plays a critical role in the healthy growth and productivity of plants. CO2 distribution systems used in greenhouse production areas are designed specifically for this need and are customized according to the unique needs of each greenhouse. These systems keep the CO2 level in the greenhouse at an ideal level, allowing plants to grow and develop in the best conditions. You can contact us for more information about CO2 distribution system for your greenhouse production area and for a customized solution.

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