As GREEN CLIMATE, we operate in the fields of greenhouse and industrial air conditioning, based on the understanding of quality, occupational health and safety, environment and social responsibility, and information security. We are on our way to becoming a reliable and sought-after company that fully meets customer needs and expectations. At home and abroad, we are strengthening our position in the sector with our understanding of quality. In our projects, the quality of our products and services starts with the quality and responsibility of our employees. We closely follow technological developments to reduce costs and increase profitability. We adopt a dynamic, innovative and open approach to development. In line with the continuous improvement approach, we aim to raise the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete in the international market and increase our presence in the market.


As GREEN CLIMATE, we aim for continuous development and growth in the target market by combining our goals and strategies. We aim to reach the targeted quality level with a planned and systematic organization throughout the company, and to continuously improve and develop it. We apply innovation and efficiency approach in all processes. We are increasing the power of team spirit, common synergy and fair working environment every day. By supporting innovative and creative approaches, we ensure the continuity of actions that increase the technical and behavioral competencies required for technical improvement and R&D innovation activities.


We always prioritize the human health and safety of our employees. We carry out activities to prevent accidents and occupational diseases in our business. We work in compliance with environmental laws related to our sector and ensure trust in environmental practices. We ensure the most efficient use of the energy we consume and minimize the pollution we create during our operations. We minimize the use of natural resources as much as possible and ensure that our wastes are disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment. We fulfill all the activities that need to be done regarding recycling. In parallel with technological developments, we are constantly developing with an environmentalist approach.


We direct all our employees to meet applicable requirements related to information security. We aim to ensure ISO 27001 Information Security requirements, to create systems and infrastructures that ensure information security, and to protect personal data in accordance with KVKK. Management is responsible for initiating, implementing and controlling information security within our organization.


Green Climate adopts an understanding that respects human rights for its employees in the countries where it operates and all stakeholders with whom it has business relations and aims to observe fundamental human rights throughout the society. In processes related to human resources such as remuneration, recruitment, personal and professional development and in the work environment, the Company does not discriminate against employees based on gender, language, religion, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, nationality, age, pregnancy, marital status, union membership, political opinion and similar issues, and does not tolerate discrimination in these matters. While conducting its approach towards employees with the principle of the right person for the right job, it manages processes transparently depending on the qualifications, experience and performance of employees. Respects diversity as an important element of organizational structure. It respects workers’ right to collective bargaining and freedom of association. It is committed to preventing any situation that may hinder employees from exercising their right to freedom of expression in the workplace. The Company prioritizes providing all employees with the conditions and work environment in which they can work safely and with satisfaction and acts in line with the goal of “zero accidents” in all its activities. We observe full compliance with international principles and national laws and regulations on OHS and are committed to providing good practices beyond legal obligations. It does not tolerate mistreatment, intimidation and harassment in the work environment. It prohibits child labor in line with the principle of no child labor set out in the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Every person has the right to rest and recreation, in particular to reasonable limitation of working time and to periodic paid holidays. Green Climate undertakes to spread and develop the understanding of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Social Responsibility and Information Security within the company.

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