One of the methods used for heating greenhouses is boiler systems using solid fuels such as coal, wood, sawdust or pellets. In these systems, the specified fuels are burned in the boiler and the greenhouse heating water is provided to reach the desired temperature. The availability of imported coal, which is particularly affordable and has a high calorific value and low ash and sulphur content, is an important factor in the preference for coal heating. However, the use of coal should be treated with caution due to its environmental impacts.

When using coal, a chimney system must be installed at a height in accordance with the standards. In addition, devices that clean flue gases and trap dust need to be integrated into the system. If these measures are not taken, environmental pollution can become a serious problem. Soot and dust that accumulates on greenhouses can lead to a lack of light and therefore problems in plant growth.

Although coal is nowadays considered a cheap energy source, an efficient and environmentally friendly utilization requires a coal boiler equipped with automatic coal feeding, slag removal, flue gas solid particle retention and flue gas treatment systems. The investment cost of coal boilers varies greatly depending on the type and efficiency of the boiler. Generally widely used “Screw Stoker” systems are relatively more affordable in terms of investment cost, but their efficiency rates are around 65%. By using prehearth boilers, this efficiency rate can be increased up to 70%. This type of boilers can be preferred for heating needs up to 2 million kcal/h capacity.

For higher capacity heating needs, especially for capacities of 3 million kcal/h and above, “moving grate” boilers are more advantageous. In these systems, the efficiency rate can be as high as 80% as more efficient combustion is achieved. When ordering such systems, it is of great importance that the coal feed unit is backed up in case of possible problems during the winter months.

In this context, if you are considering using solid fuel to heat your greenhouses, it is important to choose a boiler system equipped with modern technologies, designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize efficiency. For detailed information and consultancy on the selection and installation of these systems, you can contact us via our contact information. We are ready to be your right partner to heat your greenhouses in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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