Systems used for heating greenhouses include boiler systems using various fuels such as natural gas, LNG, LPG, CNG, diesel or fuel oil, either alone or in combination of two burners. In these systems, the specified fuels are burned in the boiler and the greenhouse heating water is provided to reach the desired temperature. Among liquid and gaseous fuels, natural gas is the most preferred fuel, especially in the greenhouse sector, due to its ease of use, high safety standards and CO2 production, which plays an important role in plant nutrition.

Natural gas boilers are more affordable than coal boilers and are easier to use and clean. They are also high-efficiency systems that allow precise temperature control. The efficiency rate in natural gas boilers can be up to 93%. In the case of natural gas and its derivatives, a CO2 fertilization system can also be integrated into the greenhouse. Since CO2 fertilization is usually done during daylight hours, it is recommended to use an insulated hot water tank (Buffer Tank) for night use of water heated during the day so that the heat generated during this time is not wasted.

During the installation of the natural gas tank, mandatory safety precautions and safety distances must be observed. Dual fuel burners have the ability to automatically switch to diesel fuel in the event of a natural gas outage. This ensures uninterrupted operation of the greenhouse heating system. The heating network distribution is established with sufficient heating circuits organized according to the needs of each greenhouse. Insulation of the collector, main lines and pipes inside the boiler room and covering them with aluminum sheet prevents heat loss and gives the system an aesthetic appearance.

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