High Pressure Humidification: A Revolutionary Solution

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Greenhouses provide ideal environments for the cultivation of sensitive plants, but they require care to maintain and improve. High-pressure humidification technology is a revolutionary method of climate control in greenhouses. This method dilutes the water droplets to the micron level, allowing them to spread through the greenhouse in the form of “fog” or “mist”. This thin layer of mist helps to regulate the temperature and humidity balance in the greenhouse in a natural and efficient way.

How does fogging work?

A high-pressure humidification system works by spraying water under high pressure. The system turns the water into “fogsis”, which ensures a homogeneous moisture distribution in the greenhouse. This keeps the humidity at ideal levels, which is essential for healthy plant growth, and reduces costs by reducing water consumption. In addition, the“fogging” technology also contributes to disease prevention, as the right level of humidity creates an unfavorable environment for disease-causing organisms.

Energy and Water Savings with High Pressure Humidification

Misting systems use water with maximum efficiency. These systems reduce the water droplets to such a small size that the evaporation rate is maximized, which saves energy. Energy efficiency is an increasingly important factor in modern greenhouse farming. “Fogsis” technology meets this need and minimizes energy consumption in greenhouses.

High-pressure humidification technology should be considered as part of sustainable agricultural practices in greenhouses. This technology allows the climate inside the greenhouse to be kept under control, ensuring healthier plant growth. It also offers an environmentally friendly solution, contributing to the mission of conserving water and energy resources. More and more greenhouses are investing in a green future by adopting this innovative solution. By using a high-pressure humidification system in your greenhouse, you can both increase your productivity and fulfill your responsibility to the environment.


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