CO2 is vital for the healthy growth and development of crops. Greenhouses use CO2 fertilization systems to meet this basic need. This article provides detailed information on the importance, features and installation process of a CO2 fertilization system in greenhouses.

Importance of CO2 Fertilization System: Carbon dioxide fertilization is a method that accelerates plant growth and increases yield in greenhouses. In the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is used to make plants greener and healthier. This system must be specifically designed and implemented to suit the dimensions of the available greenhouse space.

Installation Process:

  1. Special Design: Since each greenhouse has different dimensions and characteristics, the CO2 fertilization system is specially designed according to the available space of the greenhouse.
  2. Pipeline Selection: The effectiveness of the system depends on the selection of the right pipeline. The length and diameter of the pipeline is determined by the overall surface area of the greenhouse and the CO2 distribution.
  3. Dosing and Pressure Distribution: The dosage and pressure distribution over the total surface area is optimized by means of a CO2 fan, usually installed in the boiler room.
  4. Calculation Program: In order to ensure correct CO2 distribution, a calculation program is used that takes into account factors such as the type of plant and the required dosage standard.
  5. Gas Air Ducts: The diameter of the holes in the plastic-nylon gas air ducts used for CO2 distribution varies for effective distribution.

Plant Type and Dosage Standards: The success of a CO2 fertilization system depends on setting the right plant type and dosage standards. Dosage standards, usually expressed in cubic meters of gas per hectare, are important to meet the CO2 needs of plants.

Conclusion: Installing an effective Carbon dioxide fertilization system is an important investment that increases plant growth and yields in greenhouses. The correct design and implementation of the system contributes to the healthy development of the plants. This guide provides key points to consider when planning to set up an effective CO2 fertilization system for your greenhouse.

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